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Jim Neumann: Chicago Cubs Fan

· Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann is the President and CEO of Optical Outdoor Signs, Inc., an outdoor billboard advertising firm based in Chicago. Jim Neumann has spent large amounts of time in Chicago and loves all Chicago professional sports teams, including everyone’s Northside darling, the Chicago Cubs.

Outside of the office, Jim Neumann contributes to his community and helps many national organizations carry out their meaningful work. “Jim Neumann also travels on a regular basis and has visited multiple locations in Europe, Central and South America, and the United States.”

Jim Neumann has shown his ability to make excellent business decisions and create advertising campaigns based on these abilities. Jim Neumann is always extremely busy, but he loves to take some time when he can to follow his Cubs, who, after decades—over a century—of just missing the World Series title Neumann has wanted to see, finally won a championship in 2016. The Cubs appear to be on the front line of National League contenders for the 2018 season and beyond.

Jim Neumann is excited about the next season of baseball and hopes that his Cubs will march their way to another World Series title.

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