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Jim Neumann: Managing Content Responsibly

· Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann wears many hats as the President and CEO of OOS Investments, Inc. The company, which provides outdoor advertising services and materials to businesses in the Chicago area, has created effective billboard campaigns for its clients for years.

Part of that process involves not only marketing principles in action, such as billboard placement and advertising elements, but also a great deal of content management by Jim Neumann. “Throughout his career, outdoor media executive Jim Neumann has demonstrated a keen industry acumen and an ability to develop an effective business strategy.”

The ability of Jim Neumann to use his advertising and marketing savvy to build entire business strategies has to do with his ability to manage the content of the billboards going up for his clients. Managing content is never an easy task and usually involves a website in this day and age. But the content on billboards is just as important to OOS clients who want to get the most out of their outdoor advertising displays.

Jim Neumann became the CEO of Optical Outdoor Signs, Inc. in Chicago in 2008.

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