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Jim Neumann: OOS Digital Billboard Specifications

· Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann is the founder of Optic Outdoor Signs, Inc. (OOS), a company focused on providing each client the most effective and captivating in outdoor advertising options. OOS continues to seek out the best and most impactful ways to help client’s reach the public, and to create an indelible brand imprint that their customers won’t soon forget.

Digital LED Billboards, as Jim Neumann and the OOS team know, provide a level of versatility and visibility advertisers can rely on to reach more customers than ever. It’s important, however, for advertisers to work within OOS guidelines, particularly when submitting the digital artwork they would like to see displayed.

Such specifications include:

Size limitations. All artwork submitted to the OOS info department needs to remain within certain parameters. The two size limitations include 10’ 6” x 36’ (160 x 544 pixels) and 14’ x 48’ (208 x 720 pixels).

Resolution. All artwork must be sent in 72 DPI resolution.

Color Mode. Submissions should be in RGB (8 bit).

Format. Each artwork submitted should be in JPG format.

It’s important to note that all general artwork must be received by the general info department five days prior to program launch

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