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Jim Neumann: The Keys to Entrepreneurship

· Jim Neumann,business

Jim Neumann became the leader of the outdoor signage and advertising distributor and investment firm OOS, Inc. in 2008. The company, under his leadership, has a nation-wide reach and puts its clients’ advertising strategies to good use in the right markets at the right times. Neumann got his start as a sign installer for 3M, and after several years of working for the company and more time spent working for other advertising companies around the country, he used that experience to create success for OOS.

Jim Neumann built his businesses by always keeping the future in mind and always creating plans for shifting and adapting to changing market forces. It’s important for a company to stay true to its mission, brand awareness, and target audience, but, as Neumann has found, thinking about how to disrupt and how to withstand disruptions pays dividends, too. Neumann has been praised for his forward-thinking attitudes, “Over the course of his career, James Neumann has earned a number of professional honors, including a spot among Chicago Magazine's Five Original Thinkers of the '90s list.”

Jim Neumann builds his companies and his marketing strategies with the future in mind.

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