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Jim Neumann: The Rise of Digital Billboards

· Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann is an outdoor advertising expert and CEO of OOS Investments, which specializes in outdoor advertising. Jim Neumann “entered the outdoor sign market as an installer at 3M, and he subsequently gained experience at City Outdoor, Ben Franklin Corporations, and SRC City Bus Advertising, Inc.”

Over the years, he has moved his company to compete in different advertising spaces and media. While companies are still paying to put their logos and messaging on large signs by the highway, the rise of the digital billboard could continue to disrupt the outdoor advertising market.

Digital billboards have been appearing alongside highways and interstates in the United States for years, but their effect on the outdoor advertising world is still ongoing.

Jim Neumann has seen effective and non-effective digital billboard campaigns and generally finds that many of the same principles that guide successful analog billboard campaigns also affect digital billboards.

Even though digital billboards can shift messaging and show different images at different times, the messaging and images still need to be effective. In many ways, a variety of images and messages can put more pressure on those who create them.

Jim Neumann is also the President of a restaurant group.

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